8 Ways To Make Your Flyer Fly

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Great flyers grab the attention of your audience and pique their interest. Sometimes they end up in the trash, but sometimes they prompt someone to stop and take action.

Before printing your flyers, ensure they grab people’s attention and communicate the right message. So what can you do to make your flyers stand out? Listed below are 8 easy ways to ensure that your flyer generates more customers for your business.

  1. Have a title/headline that grabs your audience’s attention. If you use a boring title, no one will bat an eye. Using an exciting title that makes someone want to know more.
  2. Use big, bold and easy to read fonts. Using big and bold fonts will attract people because they can actually read what you have written. Small letters and hard to read fonts make it harder to get people’s attention. No one wants to take the time to squint and figure out what’s written, so ensuring that your font’s easy to read is essential.
  3. Only emphasize main points and benefits. A flyer is small, so use your space wisely to be short, sweet and to the point to promote the main benefits you’re trying to sell. Only include information that’s absolutely necessary, to avoid a clutter-filled flyer.
  4. Use colorful and striking graphics. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so make good use of all graphics. Pictures tend to turn people’s heads the most. Good use of graphics gives your audience a larger incentive to stop and look at what’s going on.
  5. Offer discounts or special limited time prices. Nothing turns heads like a sale. Offering discounts and special prices makes people want to know what’s going on, and get more information on the product.
  6. Call to action. Ask them to do something. You most likely want them to act in some way after seeing the flyer so tell them what you want them to do next. No one will know what to do unless you tell them. You’ve caught their attention, now get them to take action.
  7. Brand consistency. People love their brands, and become very brand loyal to those companies. When they see a design consistent with other designs from their favorite brand, you can bet it will stop them and make them take a look.
  8. PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD. Nothing turns people away like a spelling or grammatical error. Proofreading ensures that you discover any errors before it’s too late.

The use of flyers is an easy and fun way to grab the attention of your audience. Don’t let a bland flyer keep your company from thriving.

For more information on ways to make your flyer fly from the experts at Custom Service Printers, contact us here or call us directly at 231.726.3297.

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